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Are you learning a new language? Already an enthusiastic language learner? Looking for people to share ideas with? In search of practice opportunities? Hoping to be inspired by how others are learning? If so, then the Language Mastermind is the perfect community for you!

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About The Language Mastermind

The Language Mastermind is a global community of language learners sharing experience and enthusiasm about learning. It doesn’t matter where you are, what level you’re at, what language you’re learning, how old you are or how many languages you know. The only questions that count are: are you enjoying the journey and do you want to share that passion with others?

At The Language Mastermind You will Find:

  • daily prompts for discussion
  • tips and ideas from learners around the world
  • regular challenges and competitions
  • curated content from throughout the language-learning world to save you hours searching!


This group is helping me to step out of my comfort zone when it comes to learning Italian. Not like in school, where the teacher asks you a question in front of the whole class and you have to come up with an answer immediately, often turning your mouth dry and your mind empty. No, in a less stressful way, with challenges that I can complete at my own pace. And I know that the other members of the group will not make fun of me because of my mistakes, but correct me in a constructive and kind way.

Emmelie Johansson

This group is full of language enthusiasts from anywhere in the world: language teachers, students, philologists, translators, university professors, expats, language nerds… How do we learn here? By sharing resources, experiences, advice, doubt, and difficulties about languages in general or about our target language in particular, because by sharing the knowledge we build knowledge. Welcome to Education 3.0 world!

Marga Rubio Soto

This group has definitely motivated me to keep learning & striving on my language journey. It already feels like we’re family. The support we give each other is simply amazing!

Umm Zidan

I always thought that you couldn’t learn a language independently. But now, after just over 3 weeks here, I can see that I was wrong. I feel as if my German is improving already, and above all, I have a plan. 

Elisabeth Fuchs

Since signing up with Language Mastermind I’ve found that I’m engaging in a greater variety of ways with Spanish (the language I’m learning) than before. The posts and conversations are super useful to find fun and engaging ways to interact with any language. Also, the people here are very positive and encouraging!

Edel Ring


The Language Mastermind is a friendly, open and supportive environment for anyone learning a language, or multiple languages! I know French and Spanish well already, but I needed that extra push to improve my spoken skills and fluency, a personal goal for 2019. Whether you’re just starting out with your new language or are an advanced learner (and believe me, you never stop learning a language!), this is the place to be for tips, tricks, advice, and that all-important support to help you achieve your own language-learning goals.

Keith Baddeley

For me personally,​ this group provides motivation and inspiration to pursue my language learning goals. It also provides practical support when it comes to tackling specific issues thanks to the fact that all the members are constantly discussing resources, tricks, ideas and methods to make your language learning process more fun, more effective or better tailored to your needs.
Most of all though, it is a community of like-minded people who make​​ me feel at home and nurtures my enthusiasm for languages.

Claudia Letizia

The Language Mastermind is the ideal place to grow as a language learner

All you have to do is show up, discuss, learn and improve with like-minded people.

We won’t teach you a language here, or propose a single method for learning. But we’ll keep our eyes peeled and bring you an eclectic mix of advice and input from the very best learners and teachers out there. This is guaranteed to be the most dynamic, humanistic and entertaining group for learners you’ve ever joined!

So tune in for your daily dose of inspiration…


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The trio that makes up the Language Mastermind team are all keen language learners, with backgrounds in teaching, translating, web design and writing. Click their portraits to find out a bit more about what makes them tick!

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Andrew Morris

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Eleanor Toal

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Tanya Quintieri

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