Tanya Quintieri

Web Designer and Über-strategist

How do languages and web design go together? Very well, if you ask Tanya Quintieri, who brings nearly two decades of entrepreneurship to the table. As a web designer and qualified translator with a marketing background, she produces multilingual content and designs (multilingual) websites. The cross-over professional likes to look at the bigger picture, both in life and on the job. Her broad knowledge, which she passionately shares at conferences and through various digital media outlets, has earned her an award as Mentor of the Year in 2017.

The mother of three is an American of German, Lithuanian, and Puerto-Rican descent with a soft spot for the French island Corsica. With English and German being her native languages, she speaks Italian on a basic level and is currently refreshing her knowledge of the French language. In the not so distant future, she is hoping to add Czech as her fifth language (that’s a tough one to her). She identifies as a digital nomad, meaning that she, by choice, has no permanent residence but rather travels full-time with her partner and youngest child. Visit her website at www.mrsdivi.com to learn more.

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